Maly Mentorship

Maly Mentorship

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Business Coaching Call w/ CEO G Maly Brown:


  • Welcome/catch up and a chance to celebrate progress, wins, successes
  • Check in with the Prep Form
  • You establish the focus of the session and the desired outcome and I coach you
  • I listen, ask questions, note your language, as you relate your situation/progress/challenges
  • I remain neutral and insatiably curious!
  • I acknowledge and affirm as appropriate
  • I reframe/reflect back your words and ideas to help you move toward your outcome
  • I don’t give you any solutions or advice
  • I offer suggestions or assessments with your permission
  • You can accept, reject or counter offer any suggestion I make!
  • I’ll check in with you to see how close we are to your focus
  • You determine the action and/or commitment for the week  – actions can be tangible or intangible!
  • You share your take-aways and insights gained from the session
  • Confirm next appointment